Topher (skarhapsody) wrote,

First week of classes

Things that happened this week:
Classes started
3 hours on Milton Babbitt
Music = Math course = Awesome
Lady Gaga for 2 hours
Lady Gaga as final paper - being epic quest to know all about pop divas and listen to them all the time, by order of professor
Former camper on American Idol
Have to make final decision regarding summer and then start working on it
recital recital recital - two lessons a week for the next month
Must come in contact with darker, angry side and write 3 speeches this weekend
Want to go to yoga but no time
Roommate comes home sans GF, they broke up
No more car freedom
Miss boyfriend
Work a lot this week to cover for manager
Slight cough and cold this morning
Catching up with people after break
Signed recital date and commitments
Planning to ask Piano players for recital
Submitted abstracts for conferences
Waiting to hear back from other conferences
Got fitted for a tux I really don't want to rent
asked to do a chamber recital in April - yes
asked to be a contemporary vocal group - yes
asked to do something with a dancer - yes, as soon as I come up with it
Started researching semester term paper
saw Philosophy advisor
saw Metropolis for the 3rd time
finished all available homework on Thursday, first day of my weekend - still waiting for other parts to be available

So - yeah, that's my week in a list of events.
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